Your budget exists to serve YOU

your budget exists to serve you .jpg

Your budget might be your single most valuable tool in the debt free journey But it exists to serve you.

I recently got a comment from a frustrated mama who couldn't seem to get on top of her grocery budget, she set a budget and quickly her family would use up their groceries and she was left scrambling and feeling guilty for going over budget.

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She was making a mistake that I have made and that I am sure many, many have made. She wasn't allowing her budget to server her.

The top priority should be meeting our family's basic needs followed by debt. That means setting a REALISTIC grocery budget.

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Take stock of what your family realistically eats, how much that costs and what you need to meet your family's needs. Yes, it may mean a few extra dollars a month don't go to debt, but this process still has to be livable. 

What do you think? How do you make the process more livable?