9 things to sell today! Items around your home worth money

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If you are like most Americans, you have way too much stuff. And more stuff than you could possibly ever use. It's time to clear the clutter. 

I wanted to tell you a few things you may have lying around that may be worth more than you realize. 

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1. Name brand clothing

I'm not talking about super high-end stuff. I am talking about recognizable names. And that's even stuff as cheap as Old Navy. Those things with a recognizable name, with a brand behind them, sell for a little bit more. 

So clean out your closet, list stuff on Facebook Marketplace, on Mercari, on Poshmark.

There are lots of places online where you can make money selling. 

Consignment sales are also a great option. I am actually getting ready for a children's consignment sales, so my house looks like something exploded because I've just got my kids' stuff everywhere — going through it, pricing it, marking it. Things that we don't use, things that we've outgrown.

Smocked kids' clothing, name brand kids' clothing, ladies' clothing, men's clothing. If it has a recognizable name, it doesn't smell like smoke, it's in great condition — it will sell.


2. Things that people need when setting up a new home

Statistics tell us that 80% of the moves that happen in the United States happen between April and September. So people are moving right now. They are setting up apartments and houses.

A lot of those are for people who have just graduated from college, looking for furniture on the cheap. You have an extra couch or a Lazy Boy or something you're looking to get rid of, pop it up on Facebook Marketplace, price it to sell and get it out of your house and get some extra cash in your pocket.

Also, kitchen gadgets like coffee makers, blenders, small appliances and utensils that you need to cook with. You can lot them together, put them on Facebook Marketplace or on Craigslist or on Letgo, and get some cash. 


3. Got an old iPhone?

Even if the screen is cracked, you can sell it. You can sell it for probably more than you think you can. I have done it multiple times.

The key with a broken iPhone is to price it starting higher than you’d expect. I recommend $75, especially if it's only two or three years old. I had a phone that was not that old. I did not have a case. I dropped it flat on the ground and the screen completely shattered. I sold it for, like, $99. 

If you have a phone in working condition, you can obviously sell it for more. Go ahead and make sure it is completely clean. There are people who will clean it for you. The people who fix your phones can also clean your phones. Make sure that any data or anything is completely wiped out off of it. And then list it on eBay. That's the only place where I have sold my old technology.

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4. Handbags and purses 


People will buy them if they are in great condition. If you have a bag that maybe someone gave you for Christmas that you're not loving, or one that you've carried for a while and you're ready to just move on, there is a market for that.

Poshmark and Mercari are great places to sell used handbags. I have found that the higher-end items that I have sell better on Poshmark. Everyday brands like Old Navy or something that you would get at Belk sells better on Mercari. 


5. Large children's toys

Those old plastic playhouses or a slide. I'm in the market to buy Jesse a little slide and they are selling for so much on Facebook Marketplace. It's crazy, and they're actually selling. I saw one the other day and it was only $25. That thing was gone in, like, 30 minutes.

You've got some kids' play equipment? It will sell.


6. Gaming systems 

If you have a gamer in your house — maybe you have more than one system, maybe you want to upgrade gaming systems. They retain their value pretty well, so you'll be able to get it out of your house in a couple of days. 


7. Bikes and scooters

I actually ended up getting Ryals a new scooter. I had a gift card, so I only ended up paying $6 for it. But before I decided to buy a new one, I actually looked on Facebook Marketplace, and it was hard for me to find one that hadn't sold already. They sell very quickly.

So if you've got a few bikes laying around and a couple scooters, list those and get them out of your garage.


8. Baby wraps and carriers

I'm a big fan of baby wearing and I've had a few wraps. You know I don't have a little baby anymore. The stretchy ones don't work for me anymore because he's too big. They sold really fast. I sold a Baby K'tan. I sold a Moby. I had a few that just moved very quickly on Facebook Marketplace. 


9. Harder-to-find items like vintage Pyrex dishes 

I have a friend whose hobby is going to estate sales and buying vintage Pyrex. She will pay top dollar for it. In fact, I know quite a few people who that's their hobby. 

What about you? What have you had luck selling?