How taking responsibility for my debt set me free

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Tough love time. (I don’t do tough love well. I’m not tough. But I want to encourage you.) Do you know what got me in debt? Me. I could blame a lot of factors beyond my control. But ultimately it was my husband’s and my hands on the shovel.

What kept me in debt? Excuses. Bottom line frugal people don't make excuses. .

I could give you 100 reasons why budgeting, couponing, cooking for scratch would never work day in and day out. I am the queen of excuses. However, when I got fed up with debt I quit making excuses and starting doing the things I knew would work.

Frugal people accept responsibility for mistakes which led to the debt to begin with. And then work to correct them. 

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Once I stopped making excuses things started to shift. I no longer blamed society or a system that perpetuated debt. I didn't blame the economy or past employers. I just accepted my role in my own life and moved on. When I stopped blaming others my life changed.

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Also notice the lack of perfection in my photos. Look at the one above for example. You won’t always get it right. Just keep going.