Money and guilt... when to draw the line

money and guilt where to draw the line.jpg

Let’s talk about saving money and guilt. I got a DM from a sweet and stressed out Mama who was feeling so guilty that she wasn’t doing enough to save her family money so I’m going to share with you what I shared with her.

I truly believe there is a balance. It’s so easy to look at others in the  debt free community and feel like you’re not doing enough. But I never want anyone to read this blog look at my videos or Instagram and feel guilt. No. I’m here to love and encourage. Not heap more expectations on you.

So maybe you buy a precooked chicken because spending $7.99 on a rotisserie chicken at the supermarket keeps you out of the drive through where you’ll spend way more. Yes, you could buy one in the meat department and cook if yourself for a fraction of the price. You know that. But if buying that precooked chicken will prevent you from hitting up the drive thru and spending way more do it. 

I like to buy whole foods and prep them myself. This saves me a lot of money. But if buying precut fruits and bagged salads means you will actually eat them and they won’t go bad in your fridge and get tossed in the trash. Do it. 

Your money-saving efforts and my money-saving efforts might look different, because we are different. Our lives are different. I work full-time, but I get to work from home. My life has way more flexibility than the mama who is working an 8-5. Give yourself permission to do what is best for you and your budget with the time you are given. It’s not a race. It’s not a competition.