10 Thrift store finds you can give as gifts

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It was a fun family time for us... if not completely exhausting. 

Now until Dec. 24 we are really going to focus on gift giving and enjoying the holiday season. And of course, the entire theme of this blog is keeping things affordable for you and your family. 

A few weeks ago I got a question asking what I thought about giving gifts from the thrift store for Christmas. 

If you read this blog on a regular basis then you probably already know what my answer is going to be... go for it sister, friend. 

I personally don't have an issue with it, in fact on of Ryals' gifts this year came from the thrift store. I found a giant tub of legos for just $7. Of course he will be getting some new things from us, but that was too good of a deal to pass up. 

Today I wanted to give you a few ideas of things you can find at your local thrift store that would make excellent gifts. 

Of course, there are a few things to remember when giving someone a gift that's been thrifted. Items should probably be in good condition and without stains. Also, I wouldn't give anything that shows obvious use, is scratched, torn or damaged. 

Here are a few things you could consider giving. 

1. Picture frames and art

Photo frames make excellent gifts for parents and grandparents, especially if you include a cute photo of a grandparent with a grand baby. However, frames can get expensive. I've seen good quality frames at my local thrift store as low as $.50. 

You can easily upcycle these into something special. 

You can also find some interesting artwork pieces at the thrift store, or the items needed to create your own. 

2. Dish sets

I have seen lots of dish sets still in the box at the thrift store. A lot of them are mimosa sets, or glasses with a clear pitcher. 

I have also seen seasonal dish sets. 

3. Coffee mugs

Coffee mugs are a DIYers dream, especially if they are plain white. You can do so much with them. 

A cute mug could be filled with Kcups or cookies and presented very nicely. 

4. Hardback novels

I love giving books. I give a lot of books to my nieces and nephews. But they also make excellent gifts for adults. My local thrift store has no end to good quality hardback novels and cookbooks. 

Just make sure that the pages are not torn or dog eared, the spine doesn't show wear and the pages do not smell like smoke. 

5. Cake stands

I was walking through my local Goodwill the other day when I saw the gorgeous cake stand in that photo. At just $3 I had to fight the urge to snatch it up. 

You could present this to someone with a homemade cake or a special cake recipe. And remember, they're not just for cakes. Cake stands make excellent jewelry holders and an attractive place to keep hand soaps. 

6. Baskets

There is no end to the number of baskets you can find at the thrift store. These are especially great if you're making a gift basket or giving someone homemade baked goods. 

7. New clothing

A lot of thrift stores have a special boutique section where they sell higher end fashions or even clothing with the tags still on it. I found a cute pair of Dressbarn shorts new with tags. If a clothing item still has the tags and is without defects it might make a great gift. 

Just remember, the recipient won't be able to return it if it is the wrong size. 

8. Phone cases

I have seen iPhone and Android cases ranging from $.99 to $2.99. They range from cute and colorful to plain. But you could easily turn them into something cute and original with a littler creativity. 

9. Linens (new of, course)

Did you know that Target stores sell or donate unsold items to Goodwill? I've been able to find great, brand new linens at Goodwill. In total honesty, some of them are still overpriced for a thrift store find, but some of them are a good deal at just a couple bucks. 

10. Large toys- train tables 

Just last week my boys and I spotted a Melissa and Doug train table at Goodwill for just $9.99. Those tables retail for $150. Of course this one needed a little TLC, including a good scrubbing with a magic eraser. But to a person with a little time and creativity you could turn that train table into something pretty special. 

A few tips for giving thrift store finds

I believe it's all about presentation. For example, if you find some great clear glass cookie jars, fill them with new dish towels. 

Earlier this year I found a brand new mixing bowl at the thrift store. I am going to keep it, but if I had decided to give it as a gift, I would just fill it with rubber spatulas and a couple of recipes printed on a pretty card. 

I might pair a hardback novel with a cute mug and a pair of socks so the reader can curl up and read. 

It is all about presentation. 

What about you? What thrift store finds would you give as gifts?