DIY Upcycled thrift Store Frame

Upcycled thrift store frame.jpg

Note: This is a part in a multi-week series on frugal gift-giving ideas. 

Last week I took Issie out for some errands. One of those errands included Michael's. I could spend hours in that store. But my fussy toddler won't let me, which is find, I progably shouldn't spend hours in that store. 

But as I was walking around I came across this:

Michaels frame too expensive.JPG

If you can't tell what that is, it's an open frame with twine and clothes pins. It is very cute and caught my eye. And then I saw the price tag: $24.99. Really? $24.99 for that? What exactly are the people of Michael's smoking??? 

I knew I could make one. Not an exact replica, but my own. And I knew it would cost me just a few bucks. 

So I did. I already had twine and clothes pins on hand so the entire thing cost me $4 out of pocket!

Upcycled thrift store frame.jpg

I procured a cheap frame for $4 at my local Habitat for Humanity ReStore. The frame had no glass and no backing and held in a very ugly carboard "art work" with staples. 

Upcycled thrift store frame knockoff.jpg

To make this you will need:

A large photo frame


Clothes pins

A butter knife

Needle nose pliers


Step 1. Take your photo out of the frame and bend your staples straight so you can more easily tie the twine. Remove any staples you aren't going to use and discard. 

Step 2. Take your twine and look it through the first staple on the top. Then look it to the staple on the opposite side. I continued mine in a zig zag pattern all the way down. 

Step 3. Tie off the twine and hang your photos with clothes pins. 

That's it!

This would make a great gift for someone with kids or grandkids. 

What frugal gifts have you made? Tell me in the comments below!