Goodwill Chalkboard Mugs

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This is a part of a series on frugal gift giving. 

I know Christmas is still several weeks away. I know, it's not even Halloween, why are we talking about Christmas???

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Because I want you to stay on budget. I want you to enjoy the season. I want you to not feel rushed! And that means getting started early. 

Today I wanted to show you how to make these really simple chalkboard mugs. 

I made five of them and they were really easy to make, required little time on my part and I think will make very whimsical gifts. 

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Getting started was easy. 

Porcelean mugs 50 cents.jpg

I picked up some cheap porcelain mugs at Goodwill for $.50 each. 

You will also need:

Porcelain Chalkboard Paint

Painters tape 

sponge brush

Watch instructions below, or keep reading. 

I started with a clean and dry mug. Then I taped off the area I didn't want to paint. I then applied nice, even coats to the exposed surface of the mug. 

It's important to use the proper paint for this, regular chalkboard paint won't be heat and dishwasher safe. But don't worry, that little jar of porcelain paint goes along way, you can do between 10 and 20 mugs. 

I let the mug dry for a whole day. 

Then I "fired" them in my oven by baking them at 350 for about thirty minutes. Then I let them cool ENTIRELY and ran water over them to insure the paint had properly sealed. 

chalkboard mugs.JPG

You could easliy transform these into a nice gift for a teacher, friend or coworker. You could add in a little packet of hot cocoa or homemade cocoa or a few cookies and you're good to go!

What frugal gifts are you giving this year?