DIY Peg Rack from a recycled pallet

DIY Peg rack for under $4 using an old pallet.jpg

This is a part of a series on frugal gift giving. 

There is too much stuff on my floors. Hats, jackets, bags. You name it. It all ends up on the floor. I see really cute shaker peg racks when I am out and about. But since I like to keep things simple, I wanted to make my own. 

Once I made one and I saw how insanely simple it was, I decided to show you how I did it. Plus this was would make a really cute gift that you could put together in under five minutes. AND because the pallets were free it cost me under $4!

pegs and pallet board.JPG

What you'll need:

A 24 inch plank, I pulled this (and by I I mean Jason) off a pallet we got FREE on Craigslist. If you don't have a pallet handy you can get one cut for a few books at Home Depot. 

Four cabinet door knobs ($.87 each at Lowes)

A drill

How to make a peg rack for less than $5 in five minutes out of an old pallet.jpg

Step 1. Predrill holes in your would. I tried to space mine about four inches apart. You will need a measuring tape. 

Predrilling holes will prevent the wood from splitting. 

Step 2. Place your screws in the board using an electric screwdriver. 

Step 3. Place your knobs on the board. 

And you're done! That's it. I told you it was simple. 

You can put hooks on the back for hanging. 

What DIYs are you working on this week? Tell me all about it!