Turn a dress into an infinity scarf

turn a dress into an infinity scarf.jpg

As many of you already know I got rid of over half my clothes over the course of the spring and summer. I really paired down my wardrobe to the things I loved.

I have since updated my wardrobe with a few new-to-me pieces, but I am still learning how to put my wardrobe together and accessorize. 

However, I have still had trouble letting go of a few items. A lot of them were things that I couldn't donate because they were stained or had holes... But I didn't want to just throw them in the trash. I could see there was second life in them. 

One in particular was a dress that I got at Old Navy eight or nine years ago. Yeah, it was old, out of trend and falling apart. 

The straps had popped off, the seems were tearing and the hem had fallen out. But I loved the pattern. 

infinity scarf.jpg

So I decided to turn the dress into an infinity scarf. 

Inifity scarf pinterest .jpg

It was very simple and you could do it at home in under a minute. 

This is what I did. 

I took the dress and laid it flat on the floor. 

Then I measured about 48 inches from the (frayed) hem. I cut across the length of the dress.

Then I discarded the top half, took the bottom half and draped it around my neck. Then I looped it to create the infinity look. 

I think it is very cute and the frayed hem added a neat little touch. 

And that is it. It was so simple. You could do this with a tshirt as well. Or you could make one for a little girl out of a dress that was stained or torn. 

What have you repurposed or upcycled? I want to know about it. Leave me a comment!