My new favorite couponing app!

my new favorite couponing ap!.jpg

Okay, so you have probably figured it out by now but... I LOVE SAVING MONEY!!! And as I have mentioned before, we live on a budget. And one of the few places where you have the most control over your budget is in the grocery department. 

The problem I have is that we buy a lot of fresh produce, milk and eggs. And there aren't many coupons for that. But then I learned about Checkout 51! It was so exciting. One of the girls on my YouTube asked if I had heard of Checkout 51 and I hadn't. So I looked it up and I was instantly hooked. 

All I did was download the app and I was able to peruse lots of deals that would allow me to get cash back for my grocery purchases. I simply use the app to snap a photo of my receipt when I am done shopping and bam! The next thing I know Checkout 51 has added money to my account. Once my account balance reaches $20 they mail you a check. 

My favorite thing is the deals are not usually limited to a particular store. I was able to use it at the farmer's market. THE FARMER'S MARKET!!! So I was able to by locally grown produce from a locally owned store and save money! That's a win in my book. 

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Also there are a ton items to choose from including fresh produce and eggs!

I highly recommend heading over to their website to look at the Checkout 51 offers.

What is your favorite couponing app? 

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