8 tips to save on major appliances

Let's face it, major appliances can be a major expense. Our family has purchased three large appliances in the past 12 months and without a preparation, planning and thought there is no way we could have pulled off those purchases.

Because we are a cash only family we paid for each of these appliances using our own savings. Today I will share some tips on how we save the MOST money.

1. Know the best times of year to shop. For everything there is a season, including large appliance shopping.

Just like cars have a season for when new vehicles are tolled off the lot, appliances are the same. January or the week after Christmas is a great time to buy a large appliance. This is when the stores are getting rid of last year's models for good.

This is when we purchased our new dryer on clearance from our local hardware store. We ended up saving about 35% off the ticket price.

We were so excited to get a new dryer at a good price after a year of keeping our dinosaur dryer running!

2. Sign up for store coupons. When your in the market for a new appliance sing up for coupons from your local retailer. We got an additional 10% off our dryer using a coupon we got after signing up on the

3. Look for side brands. If you see an appliance at a great price do a quick Google search of the brand and see who manufactures and owns that brand. For example Hotpoint is manufactured by GE but sells at a fraction of the cost.

4. Shop through eBates. I just got cash back from eBates for the  Just earlier this month our refrigerator went out. It quit cooling and food began to spoil. It was awful!

I worked the sales until I found what I was looking for. And I shopped through eBates where I was able to get 3.5% cash back.

If you don't know how eBates works you simply look for the store you wish to use, click on it and then get redirected to the site where you're going to shop.

Then in a few weeks you get a payment. Easy as that.

5. Ask for a cash discount. Many stores, especially local stores, will offer a discount if you are paying in cash. All you have to do is ask.

6. Check for electric company rebates. Some electric companies will offer a rebate for newer, more energy efficient appliances. These newer appliances save the electric company money and they will pass those discounts on to you.

7. Ask if they price match. Many, many stores price match, but did you know that man stores will also try to beat that price by 5-10% so that equals extra savings.

8. Hit up your scratch and dent store or ask for a floor model. We purchase our first fridge at a scratch and dent store. It was a stainless steel side-by-side fridge that that we ended up getting for 50% off!

What about you? What are some tips you have for saving cash on appliances?

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