Five (non pasta) cheap, healthy and easy meals

Your grocery budget is one of the main places you can control your spending. But I hear a lot of frustration about "cheap meals."

I hear a lot of things like "we don't want to eat a lot of pasta" or "my family has gluten allergies."

I understand. And while I do love pasta, I have pretty much cut it out of my life too in order to live a little bit healthier. So today I wanted to shared five healthy, easy and cheap meals for families on a budget. And you could easily make ANY of these meals gluten free.

1. Chicken and roast vegetables in one pan.

This is so easy to make, just chicken and your favorite vegetables cooked to perfection in ONE pan. I used green beans and potatoes because it's what I had but you could use anything. Broccoli, carrots etc.

2. Slow cooker leg quarters.

These are so simple and amazingly delicious. You just place them in the slo cooker and go. Pair with rice or quinoa and some steamed or roast vegetables and you're good to go. 

3. Fish tacos in a bowl. 

These are so good. I use tilapia, quinoa and a some homemade pico de gallo. So yummy!

4. Easiest stir fry ever

I almost feel guilty posting this recipe because it is just so simple. But it is so good and loaded with vegetables. 

5. White chicken chili. 

This is great for cold winter days or busy summer days. A little left over chicken and the beans, onion and chicken stock you just dump in your slow cooker. 

Eating cheap and healthy don't cancel each other out. 

What about you? What cheap healthy meals do you love?