7 Tips for work at home moms with small children

Last week I started a new Periscope show called "Work at Home Wednesday." I will be live streaming (because that's the only way Periscope works) each Wednesday at 2 p.m. CST. 

Last week our discussion centered around working at home when you have small children. The question came from my friend Betsy at A Mother's Road

Were you able to work at home when your boys were 2 and 5 months? How? I find they are just so unpredictable I can't block out a consistent time to work. Maybe it just the stage I'm in right now...

I thought it was such a great question. So here are my tips for managing your time as a WAHM when you have two small children. 

1. Find your sweet spot. 

When Isacc was born I took two weeks off from my business. Yeah, not smart. I thought I could handle it, but turns out I couldn't. 

It took me several months to find the time and space to work on the bulk of what needed to be done. I settled on a few hours on Sunday afternoon.

This was perfect because Jason was home and I could work while the kids were napping and then after they woke up I could feed the baby and then hand him back over to Jason. 

2. Evaluate what chunks of time really means. 

So you might not have an hour. But do you have 15 minutes of quiet? Thats time to send and respond to some emails, send out some marketing tweets, or print shipping labels for products that need to be shipped. 

If you're prioritizing your to do list it's really easy to scan it and see what you can do in those smaller chunks of time. 

3. Use technology to your advantage. 

I tried to shy away from staring at my phone while I was nursing my baby. However, it was perfect time to use my phone to jot down notes for future blog posts, send out invoices or return a phone call. 

Because of my smart phone I could do all of these things with one hand. 

4. Eliminate what doesn't make you money. 

There is so much temptation to focus on the latest social media platform, the latest tribal marketing trends or be involved in every brainstorming group. But the truth is no one has that kind of time. 

So instead focus more time on those things that are bringing in a revenue. Connecting with people on Facebook might bring in traffic to your blog or website and bring in dollars and business. But if it doesn't cut back your time there. 

5. Streamline. 

For your business, use a tool like Hootsuite to manage your social media marketing or a website like If First This Then That it helps you streamline your on line life.

For example it will catalogue all of your tweets into a Google spreadsheet for you. This way you can easily reuse old content later on. 

In your home life find areas you can streamline like finding some freezer to slow cooker meals you can easily throw into your crock pot on a busy day. 

6. Outsource.

If you can hire someone to handle the things you just don't have time for like your bookkeeping. Enlist your husband to help you fold and put away laundry or hire someone to come into your home for a couple hours a week. 

7. Give yourself some grace. 

You're not going to get everything done. You've not super woman. It's okay to let some things go. You might have to turn down some incoming jobs or money making opportunities so you can focus on home life.

Or you might just leave those few baskets of laundry unfolded if you're on deadline. Deep breath. 

What about you? What would you add to the list