My new work at home schedule: Trying to make it all fit

my work at home schedule working at home with two toddlers.jpg

I was sitting at my computer last the week, the very computer I am typing on right now, when my oldest son walked up to me. 

"Mama, do you want to play?" he asked. 

Ry is only 2.5 so it comes out more like pfwaaaayyy than play. 

I did want to play, but I was busy. Or was I? 

You see I had manufactured this busyness. I had decided that I needed to get XYZ done so that I could do ABC later. All while my son tugged on my sleeve. 

When I stepped back and looked at my schedule, I realized a lot of the stuff I was doing either didn't really need to be done, or could be shifted to another time. 

So I came up with a new work schedule that I think might work for me. The problem is the discipline it takes to implement a new schedule, policy or procedure. 

I know have two toddlers. They are literally running in opposite directions when they aren't chasing each other, pulling all the pots and pans out the cabinets and digging through the garbage. I am out numbered. I needed a plan. 

SO here it goes: 

1. When the babies are in full throttle, the computer stays OFF. I started this about two weeks ago, and I have to say that I feel calmer, happier and more focused. I am not pulled to my computer when I see the little email icon pop up. I am not as tempted to check social media accounts, mine or my client's. And I don't get sucked in to reading blog posts or perusing Pinterest. 

This works for me because I only work parttime (in my own business). And my clients know that. I am so fortunate because most of them are moms and all of them are women. 

2. I scheduled my work around down times. I know only take calls from clients during name. Need to reach me? Great, call between 2 pm and 4 pm. Which leads me too...

3. I don't take personal calls during nap time when I am working. Since I have now blocked those hours for communicating with clients, writing or editing I don't take personal calls them. Not because I am "on the clock" but because I can't be pulled away. I want to spend the time my kids are awake playing with them, not catching up on work. 

4. I am now super productive from 8-9 pm. I used to zone out during this time of the day. It was close to bed and I took this time to wind down. But I have forced myself to work after the kid's go to bed. This is usually when Jason is working on the budget, reading or wrapping up his own work. We still find time to talk, chat and joke, so we still connect throughout the week. I just put on my head phones and make myself do things on my to do list. 

5. I have taken advantage of scheduling software. As I wrote in this post, a lot of the work I do centers around social media. I post things for other people as part of my marketing services. I use services like HootSuite and Dynamic Tweets to get ahead. I have even been using them for my own social media accounts. 

SO that's it. Those are the things that have been working for me. 

How do you work from home?