7 frugal (or free!) baby shower gift ideas

I know a lot of families who are expanding. I know several women who are pregnant or who have delivered in the past few weeks (seriously it’s in the double digits). I also know a lot of families who are growing through adoption.

I truly believe children are a blessing and I want to celebrate with these families. However, if I went out and bought each one of these families a gift I would very quickly run out of money.

So today I wanted to share some low cost (and NO cost) gifts for new moms (or veteran moms with growing families!).

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Diapers, wipes and toiletries.

My friend Hilary says baby registries are for grandparents and childless friends. Moms need diapers. Lots of diapers. You can’t have too many diapers.

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So I use my CVS coupons to get diapers at a lot price or I will give diapers and wipes from my stash.

The same goes with baby shampoo and diaper cream. In fact when a close friend of mine had a baby shower back in February she asked for diaper cream… this wasn’t her first baby and she knew how the world works.


We are readers in this house. So books are a big hit. You can pick up some great board books at your local bookstore or even your local thrift store.

Fill up a wicker basket with board books for “baby’s first library.” You could include a cute note or a framed page from your favorite children’s book. (Again, go to the thrift store and find a well loved and worn out copy. Please, don’t cut up a new book!!)


There are scads and scads of free printables on Pinterest. You can find a really great scripture or quote and frame it using a Dollar Tree or thrift store frame.

Or if you’re super crafty and you know the baby’s name you could make one for yourself using PicMonkey.

Use your talents.

Do you sew? Make a really cute nursing cover. I used mine all the time with both my boys it was a life saver. You would also embroider some burp cloths or just sew a pretty ribbon on them.

Bring food.

Take parents a couple meals to stick in their freezer. Or the nonperishable ingredients for chili or tacos.

Bring snacks or prepackaged breakfast foods. It doesn't have to be a three course meal, it could be something really simple like a few boxes of granola bars or muffin mix.

Bring toiletries.

People forget toilet paper. When there is a new baby in the house and you have 100 visitors you run out of toilet paper.

Bring a care package with toilet paper, hand soap, dish soap and some laundry detergent. These can be small or sample sizes or you can simply raid your stockpile.

Give of your time.

Offer to take older kids for the afternoon, fold laundry or organize meal delivery from other friends and family members using Take Them Meal.

Don’t panic and don’t stress when you see that baby shower invitation. It really is the thought that counts. I honestly don’t remember who gave us what when our kids were born unless it was something just really, really special so don’t fret.

What about you? What would you add to the list?