A peek into our Baby Shark themed second birthday party

budget friendly baby shark second birthday party.jpg

Our sweet baby boy turned two on Sunday. I know. I can't believe it. It feels like he was just born. We had a small family get together and I thought I would share with you the ins and outs of our super-simple party. 

And if you feel like taking a walk down memory lane, here is a look back on Jesse’s Little Blue Truck themed first birthday party.

First things first. 

The theme: Baby Shark

Ooooh I am sure you have heard the song. I have no clue why it has made a resurgence. But my toddler is obsessed with all things baby shark. All. The. Things.


 I found some free invitations templates on Drevio and used them to create the invites. I actually did this on my phone in between bouts of morning sickness. Because #pregnancyisnojoke. Then I texted out the invitations because #lazy.

Decor: DIY and Use what you have

I really didn’t do much this year in the way of decorations. I did find a few pompons at Party City, and a couple of shark easter baskets. But I kept thins pretty minimal.


I also made a simple chair bunting out of some fabric and yard. Here is a great tutorial on how to make tassel bunting.

Food: The best part


I kept the menu simple. Except for the cake. Oh. Good. Heavens. That cake. It was gorgeous. And it tastes amazing. I will dream about that cake long after it's gone. We got a friend, who bakes cakes as a side business to make it. She charged us a very reasonable rate (I expected to pay a lot more). It was worth every penny. 


We also served fruit salad that was just pineapple and strawberries, chips, sub sandwiches from the Walmart deli (best decision ever!), tea and “ocean water” which was just blue Kool-Aid.