How waiting 24 hours (or at least over night) can save you some money


Can waiting 24 hours or at least overnight really save you money? Yup. It can. And a LOT of money. 

Have you ever been shopping, mainly online shopping where the temptation is high, and before you know it you have hit that purchase button? And then the package arrives and you ask what you were thinking? Yup. 

Let me tell you, that Amazon one-click button is the worst thing ever. I've found that if I just wait 24 hours or maybe it's just overnight I can save myself money and embarrassment (you know, those what was I thinking purchases??). 

So often we (or at least myself) buy something that was such a great deal only to have buyers remorse when it arrives. 

We saw a lot of this during the holiday season, but it seemed like it lingered well into the new year. 

But personally, I have found that if I just wait and have a cool off period I realize that something isn't as great of a deal as I thought OR I can buy it cheaper elsewhere. 

Recently I bought a new phone (it was a refurbished phone), I was prepared to purchase it online right away but decided to wait a couple days. Lo and behold they dropped the price by $65! That's a nice savings!

Sometimes waiting will yield good results and sometimes it gives us the times we need to cool down, talk to a spouse or a friend is what we need to save money.