Budget-friendly Sesame Street Birthday Party (Free Printables)

My sweet Isaac is two today. TWO! Before I reach for my hanky and sob over where the past two years have gone, I thought I would share our budget-friendly Sesame Street birthday party.

Our family's birthday party philosophy is to keep it simple. Don't go overboard, don't overspend, don't over stress.


I either used things we already had or purchased everything from the Dollar Tree. All of it! Even themed plates and cups came from the Dollar Tree. It's amazing the party decorations they have. 

I created this bunting by using an old Spring bunting I got for $.30 at Target after Easter. I just attached these Sesame Street decals to the bunting. 

I used the decals to decorate other parts of the house including this easel I picked up at a yard sale for $3!

I also made these little labels for people to put on their cups. You can print out your own


We kept is simple with kid-friendly finger foods including tiny pb&js we cut out with a cookie cutter, mini corndogs, pigs in a blanket, jelly meatballs and fruit kabobs. 

I also made these whoopie pies, which has become a birthday tradition. They are so easy to make and they go over much better than cupcakes. 


We did make a small corn toss game using a box and some dollar tree wrapping paper, but the kids mostly played in the sprinklers. 

All in all the party was a huge hit. It was simple and a lot of fun!

What about you? What simple parties have you thrown for your kids?