2 tips for reducing holiday gift-giving stress

The holidays are a magical time filled with family and lights and maybe a little snow if you're lucky. And of course the biggest celebration is that of Jesus' birth. But the holidays can also be stress city.

Especially when you have a large shopping list. Here are 2 ways to reduce gift-giving stress.

1. Start early

I feel like that is a big duh. But there is a lot for be said for starting early. When you're not rushed you don't feel pressured to spend as much money needlessly.

I like to have my Christmas shopping finished early. By the first of December I like to have everything purchased, wrapped and nestled away.

This way I can enjoy everything December has to offer. I can take my kids to a parade, watch Elf and get ready for the church musical without the stress.

2. Listen and ask

Last year I asked my sister what she wanted for Christmas, then I bought it for her. I know that doesn't sound exciting, but I wanted her to have something she actually needed and wanted.

What better gifts than the ones people can use daily, year round? 

I also got my mother a gift this year that I heard her say she wanted. I filed the idea away in my brain and when I saw the item at a great price I purchased it.

What about you? How do you reduce gift-giving stress?