6 tips for dealing with a stressful week (before it starts)

I don't know about you, but I have some weeks that feel like that last for 72 days. That's how I felt last week and by the time Friday rolled around I was done. I was exhausted, emotional, moody and generally unpleasant.

So this week I am falling back on some old tips that I have used in the past. These have helped me manage stressful weeks without going insane.

1. Clean your command center

What space or room in your house acts as the hub? For me it's our kitchen. And since our house is open concept, I can see the kitchen from most points in my house. If it's a cluttered and filthy mess it stresses me out.

In total honesty, I am not a visual person. So environmental clutter doesn't usually bother me, but if my week is already stressful I will go badger and just start throwing everything on my counter tops away.

So I take some time to really clean it, declutter, put things in their place and throw trash out.

2. Meal plan

This is a big duh coming from me. But go ahead and have a plan of what you're going to eat. Stress= the drive thru. So before you head to Wendy's head to the kitchen and throw some things in your slow cooker.

If you know your week is going to be super busy take some time to cook some freezer meals or stock up on crock pot staples. Or even buy some bagged salads and frozen pizza. Whatever it takes to streamline that meal plan.

Go ahead and jot down your meal plan and then you don't really have to think about it again.

3. Wash all your laundry

I know, that sounds daunting to some of you, but trust me. The last thing you need on a busy Tuesday morning is to search for that missing pair of pants in the bottom of the hamper. Go ahead and get it all clean and try to put it away.

4. Lay out your clothes

This saves me so much time. I just go ahead and put things on hangers together and hang them up in order of day.

I go this for the kids too buy folding things together in their drawers. Then I just pull out the outfit and we're good to go.

5. Cross some things off your to do list

Get out your planner, look at your week and cross off the things that you just can't do right now.

If your level of stress is interfering with your basic needs like sleep or eating a healthy meal, then maybe it is time to reevaluate your calendar.

Maybe the kids can't each play a sport this season, maybe one social activity needs to be turned down. Look at what is unessential and decide whether or not it's really that important to you.

6. Take time to decompress

Light a candle and read a book. Call a girl friend and have a cup of coffee. Do something that gives you joy. Even if it only takes 15 minutes. If you're running and running and running and doing everything for everyone else, but never taking the time to do things for yourself you will be even more stressed out.

Take a deep breath, you will get through this week.

What about you? What would you add to this list?