17 lists you can keep in your planner


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1. Meal planning 

Use your planner to plan out your meals for the week the day or evening that you could break up in sections for breakfast lunch or dinner or you could just do dinners that we can quickly scanned the week and see what you have going on and plan your meals accordingly.

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2. Tracking medications

I have three kids and heaven forbid that we’re all sick the same time, but when we are and we’re taking multiple medications or different dosages of the same medication it helps to track how much you gave her children and at what time that way you don’t run the risk of overmedicating.


3. Books you want to read

If you love reading and you hear of a new book you want to read, go ahead and write it down in your planner that way if you’re at the library or the bookstore you can remember the name of the book. 

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4. Gift planning 

I like to actually do my Christmas shopping all year long. It saves me time and it saves me money. When I think of a good gift idea or someone tells me something that they’ve been wanting to go ahead and write it down so that I can use that later when I’m shopping


5. Gratitude 

Write down three things every day that you’re thankful for. You can just write it right there in your daily agenda you don’t have to make it fancy it’s a great way to keep your mind and check

6. Something amazing that you did that day with your kids

I actually talked about this in a post on how I stop feeling like a bad mom. One thing that I’ve started doing is writing down either something special I did with my children or something cute that they said or did.

7. Baby milestones 

OK I’m going to be real with you for a second and admit that I have not done the best I keeping up with a baby book this time around.  But if I jot things down like when my baby learned to sit up or when he started eating solids, I can go back and look at my planner and add it to his baby book

8. Your goals for the week month or year 

Your planner doesn’t just have to be for appointments. It can also be for things that you want to do so you can write down broad goals or you can break them up into little tiny steps throughout the week or month.

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9. Wish lists 

OK I’m not talking about stuff that you wanna buy on Amazon, I’m talking about daydreams. May it's vacations you want to go on home-improvements you want to do. It’s OK to daydream and it’s OK to daydream in your planner

10. Time tracker 

If you have a task do on a regular basis but you really don’t know how long it takes, track your start and finish times. This is a really great productivity tool especially when you’re learning how to be more productive


11. Business ideas 

As a small business owner I can’t tell you how many times I have come up with random ideas at the most random places so I just started using my planner as a notebook and when I come up with an idea I go ahead and write it down on that date

12. Procrastination list

A list of things you’ve procrastinated doing. This is something that you could do every month or this is a comprehensive list that you do at the beginning of the year. But pick five or 10 things that you absolutely have to do but you just keep putting off and write them down where you can see them. 

13. Your kids current clothing and shoe sizes

This is key info for bargain hunters. If you’re at a consignment event or you hit up a sale you’ll know what size your children are currently in and what size they’re possibly going to be in next season or next year.

14. Immunization records 

This is great info to keep for both you your children and your pets.


15. Important school dates or testing dates. 

If your kid has an upcoming field trip write it down. If you know when standardized tests are going to be, write that down. That way you just get a clear idea of what your schedule is going to look like

16.  Movies you want to see

This one might feel a little silly but if you have a Redbox code it’s really helpful to have a list of movies you thought might be interesting. 

17. Your prayer list

If someone asks you to pray for them sometimes it can be hard to remember so write it down. And then write down later if they tell you that something happened that way you can kind of see the results of your prayers.