How to crush your goals (even when you're super busy)

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There are 62 days left in 2017. And let's be honest, there are some areas of our lives where we have clocked out. I mean, there are only two months left in the year. It's too late to start things or finish really hard tasks. Right? WRONG. 

It's not too late. There's plenty of time to cross off some big things. I understand that we're in the busy season of the year, but you can still do this. So lets' talk about how to crush your goals when you're super busy. 

Determine your goals

Let's first determine what those goals are. This is the time when you actually compartmentalize your life. 

You section your life into pieces. I personally break up my goals into: Money, Family and Business. Because those are the three areas of my life that require the most attention.

All time is not equal

Just because I pick these three areas does NOT mean they're equal. That doesn't mean that each one gets 33.3% of my attention. No. They're just important. So determine what the important areas of your life are.

Look at the big picture

Take some time to dream. Take some time to think about where you want your life to be a year from now, five years from now, ten years from now.

Determine some things you want out of your life and how you want things to look a year from now. Then take actionable steps. 

Make it doable 

Make your goals something that is measurable.

It's really easy to just say, "I want to get out of debt." And then you fail because that's too broad of a goal. Instead, you need to say something like "In the next six months, I would like to pay off all of my credit card debt. I have $6,000 in debt."

That means I'm going to need to pay off $1,000 a month. That's just me pulling something random out of the air. But that is a good example.

Write them down!

You've got to write them down. Because what's the difference between a wish and a goal? A wish is something you say, "Gee, it would be nice to do." A goal is something you write down.

Once you have committed to writing it down, there's something that happens in your brain and you're actually more likely to do it. (There is actual science behind this.)

You need accountability

You need to tell someone, "Okay, these are the goals that I've set for this time period. Will you help keep me on track? Or would you ask me about them and encourage me along?"

That's one of the reasons that I shared my goals on my channel. Because I didn't want to have to come back in June and be like, "Hey, y'all. I didn't do a single thing on my to do list."

Goals come in all sizes

But you'll also notice that some of my goals, aren't that big. For example I made a goal of paying cash for my baby's birth. Our hospital copay was $750, a lot of money but it's not an insurmountable amount of money. But I put that on my goals list because I knew it was something that I was going to easily be able to cross off my list. This would motivate me to move on to the next goal with a little extra pep. 

But I also have some really big goals too. I have some goals  that were more expensive and more lofty and require more time to challenge myself.

Challenge yourself

 It's really easy to put goals down that you know you can accomplish just to make you yourself feel good.

How many times have you made a to do list in the day that included: get dressed, brush teeth, drink coffee, just so you can check some things off your list? I have. Because it makes me feel better. But it's also not being productive.

I need to have goals that I know I'm going to have to force myself to do. You have to push yourself, you're going to have to text your accountability buddy or text your best friend or your husband and say, "I've lost motivation. Can you cheer me on?"

Be willing to fail

 There's some goals that I made last year that I completely missed. And I worked. I worked my butt off to get there and I didn't get there. I had to be okay with that failure. I had to look at what didn't work, reevaluate the process and rethink how I wanted to do this.

Ask yourself why

Why do you want these things? Why do you want to set a specific goal? Why is that important to you? What is it about this thing that drives you, that ignites that spark inside of you, that beats that drum in your soul? What is it about this thing that you want that makes it worth having? And write it down. Let's make a printable. Put it on your fridge. Put it on your bathroom mirror.

What is your why?

Goals aren't dependent on January 1

Here's the thing: It's almost November. You can start setting goals now—for this week, for this month, for this year. There is nothing magical about January 1st. You don't have to save goals for January 1st.

You have over 60 days left in 2017. Do you know how much you can accomplish in 60 days? A lot.  You got this. You can do it. So sit down with a piece of notebook paper and start setting some goals.