Riveting nonfiction audiobooks worth listening to

riveting nonfiction audio books.jpg

I love audiobooks. Particularly nonfiction. I love reading. It’s my hobby. That’s it. I just read. But it’s getting harder and harder to make time. So I listen. In the car. Doing dishes. Walking with my kids. And today I wanted to share what I have been loving in audiobooks and podcasts.

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Why not me? By Mindy Kaling. You might recognize her name from The Office and The Mindy Project. The book is a memoir about her life and career. It is written for adults so there is language. But it’s funny. So funny and she brings her sassy confidence and irreverent edge to it. But again, adult book. Adult words.


Lincoln's last trial by David Fisher. This book is about the last trial Abraham Lincoln argued before becoming our 16th president. It' is nonfiction, but the author takes liberties. It is very interesting. I have not finished it yet but I already know I love it.


The Devil in Pew Number Seven by Rebecca Nichols Alonzo. This book is sad y’all. It is also nonfiction. It is a riveting true story about what happens when people think they need to be in control of a small town and the terror this has on one family.


Eat Cake, Be Brave by Melissa Radke. This books might be my new favorite. I laughed so hard I cried and then I cried so hard at times I had to pull my car over. It is so good. It’s the memoir of Radke, who has become a Facebook sensation with her hilarious parenting videos. I love her. I want to be her.


An Actor’s Life by Jenna Fisher. You will also recognize that name from The Office. She is famous for the role of Pam Beasley, everyone’s favorite receptionist. This is a part memoir, part guide for would-be actors trying to navigate Hollywood. It was very entertaining and interesting. (It is also a book written for adults, so there is also language.)


Stretched too Thin by Jessica N Turner. This book just came out but I got to listen to it early. This is a book geared toward busy, working moms trying to balance life and all the things. Turner offers practical advice that can easily be applied.