5 Minute Upcycled Magnet Frame

five minute DIY Magnet Frame.jpg

Do you ever see something and think- Okay, I can totally make (fill in the blank) with that? 

Yeah. Me too. 

Last week Jason's aunt sent a box of stuff to our house. She is a school teacher and her school was getting rid of a ton of books, toys and organizational bins and baskets. As I was going through them I found three random candle lids. 

As soon as I looked at them I thought, "yeah, I can work with this." 

And I knew what I wanted to do. See, I have a lot of photos on my fridge. I like them there. And I have a lot of things I need magnets to hold on my fridge. But I am constantly running out of magnets because I love my photos so much. 

So.... I decided to turn those candle lids into magnet photo frames. Win!

what you will need to make a photo frame.JPG

This is what you will need:

a photo


a marker/pen/pencil

a magnet

a candle lid or canning ring, that would work too 

glue stick

hot glue gun

It was really simple. I just traced the lid I was using and then cut the INSIDE portion of the circle. 

Then I used my glue stick to glue the photo to the lid. Then I hot guled a magnet to the lid. 

Bing. Bang. Boom! 

This would make a great gift for someone and costs pennies to make. For me it was virtually free because I already had all I needed. But you could easily make this as a gift for someone for less than a dollar. 

That was it!

What easy DIY's have you done lately?