DIY Button Hair Pins

Vintage Button Hair Pins cover.jpg

So last week I talked about my mom hair. I do my best but I am just not a hair person. I don't enjoy fixing it and most of the time I don't even blow it dry. 

Vintage Button Hair Pins 1.JPG

I often just pin my bangs back and go about my business. So I decided to make these cute button bobby pins. 

A few years ago when my grandmother died I was given her sewing machine and supplies. While I don't sew and chose to pass her machine to my mother, I did keep the MOUND of buttons. 

Vintage Button Hair Pins 5.JPG

I whipped up a few of these button pins last week and it only took me about five minutes to make six of them.

Vintage Button Hair Pins7.jpg

What you'll need:

Bobby pins

Shank Buttons (buttons with a loop in the back)

Hot glue

Vintage Button Hair Pins9.png

Slide the button onto the bobby pin. Add a little bit on the button and then shove the button to the "top" of the pin. 

Vintage Button Hair Pins 3.JPG

And that's it! Cute little hair pins. 

What DIY projects have you done recently? 

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