From Drab to Fab Upcycled Button Picture Frame

Drab to fab.jpg

I just keep having babies and I just keep taking their photos and frankly I have run out of places to put them. I don't mean wall space, I mean frames. 

But here is the issue:
1. Frames can get expensive. 
2. Frames that are all the same color and scheme bore me. 

So... I went to my local thrift store (LOVE the thrift store) and found quite a few frames for under a dollar. This one I paide a whopping $.25 for. Then I jazzed them up with paint and what not. So I thought I would share with all of you my favorite so far, the button frame. 

And this would make a great last minute Christmas gift that is super cheap (I mean frugal) for under $2!

What you'll need:

A frame.

Some acrylic paint

Buttons in the same color family. I used close 100 buttons of varying size. You can purchase buttons in bulk at places like Michaels, Walmart or Hobby Lobby. Mine were some that my grandmother had saved from various sewing projects

A hot glue gun

button frame 7.JPG

I used Aqua made by the Americana brand paint. I only used one coat of pain since most of it will be covered. 

button fram 6.JPG

Then I began gluing on the buttons of varying size. 

Button fram 5.JPG

It was pretty theraputic. 

button frame 3.JPG

I chose the blue theme because I am putting this in Ry's room. 

Button fram 1.JPG

I chose this photo (even thought it's not a perfect fit) because it is my favotie picture of Jason and Ryals. 

issie in a fireman oneise.JPG

This is such a simple project and took no time to pull together. In fact, I did it while Issie sat on the floor and watched. 

What are some of your last minute gift ideas?