Last Minute Christmas Ideas: Mason Jar Tumbler How TO (Video)

Mason jar tumbler christmas.jpg

Christmas is a little more than a week away. Did you just panic? You panicked didn't you? Calm down. Deep breaths. It's okay. 

Today I wanted to share with you a really simple and super inexpensive DIY Christmas gift. The Mason Jar Tumbler...

Mason jar tumbler christmas1.JPG

I first shared this idea over a year ago. But it remains one of the most searched items on this blog and I wanted to share it again and talk about some ways to gift it this year for Christmas. 

Click here for step by step instructions or watch my cutie husband make on in this video.  

There are several reasons I love to make and give these tumblers. 

1. They are very inexpensive. They cost less than $2 each to make. 

2. They are eco friendly. You can reuse an old canning lid that can't be resealed and would probably just get thrown out. 

3. They are practical and people love them. People really do. If you use the jelly jar size then they fit into a standard cup holder. (Affiliate link, click here to read my disclosure policy.)

Here are some ideas on how to gift a tumbler. 

Mason jar tumbler christmas 6.JPG

Fill them with drink mixes or tea bags. 

If the person you are giving this to loves a particular drink mix like lemonade then fill the jar with those mixes. 

Mason jar tumbler christmas4.JPG

Use it to give a gift card. 

I love getting gift cards, don't you? But I hate just handing one over. I like to jazz it up with something like a tumbler or another small, inexpensive gift to go with it. It feels more personal this way. 

You could also fill the jars with candy, beauty samples or put a piece of jewelry in it. 

The sky is the limit. 

What are some of your last minute gift ideas?