DIY Christmas Ornament Frame with video tutorial

Ornament frame .jpg

I love Christmas and I love Christmas decorations, but I DO NOT love broken ornaments. With a two year old and a six month old you can pretty much guarantee that something is going to be torn up, grabbed, snatched or thrown. 

lights on the tree Ry 2013.JPG

There really isn't a way to child proof Christmas decorations other than just keeping them out of reach. This year we decided to go with a small, potted, tabletop tree. 

Star on the tree.jpg

But I still have some ornaments I want to display that I don't want broken. 

ornament frame 2.JPG

So I decided to paint a cheap frame red and hang the ornaments from the frame. It was super simple, the frame cost me a whole $.25 at my local thrift store and I used things I already had lying around the house. 

It was insanely easy and took just three steps. 

1. Paint a frame or take the backing off a frame you already like. 

2. Hand your ornaments at varying lengths. 

3. Tie on a BIG bow. 


This would also be a great way to display heirloom ornaments or you could paint it blue or pink (or use a blue or pink frame) and hand a baby's first Christmas ornament. 

Are you doing any Christmas crafting?