Budget-friendly Christmas Decor (Goodwill decorations!)

budget friendly chirstmas decor.JPG

Christmas is less than three weeks away. Can you believe that? Is your shopping done? Are the cookies baked? Have you even had time to put up your tree???

I wanted to share with you today some of our budget-friendly Christmas decor. 

Christmas decor on a budget.JPG

Since we now have a new house I want to spruce it up with some Christmas decorations. But, I don't want to spend a lot of money. SO this year I limited myself to just $20 to bring a little Christmas magic to my home. 

I use a lot of things I already had, I found some great deals at Goodwill and I spread the Merry all over our little house. 

There is a certain magic about Christmas and I don't want to miss a second of it. So here is a look at our budget-friendly decor. 

Pine cone wreath. 

pincecone wreath.JPG

Wreath I already owned (purchased at the Dollar Tree eight years ago) $0

Ribbon I already owned (also purchased a Dollar Tree eight years ago) $0

Pine cones from my yard $0

I simply wrapped the ribbon around the wreath and secured the ribbon and the pinecone with hot glue. 

Boom! Free (sort of) wreath. 

Ornament Frame

Christmas orgnament frame.JPG

I made this frame last year. It was a cheap frame from the thrift store (I think it was a dollar.)

Poinsettias in a bucket


Two poinsettias $6

One bucket (already had it)

Ribbon from Lowes $3 (but split amongst lots of things)

I hot glued the bow and ribbon on the bucket and called it a day. I then shoved an ornament in there  so... there is also that. 

Upcycled topiary

good will topiary.JPG

I bought this little topiary at Goodwill for $3.99. Then I glued on ribbon and ornaments. You can watch the details here: 

Tomato cage topiary

tomato cage topiary .jpg

This was the thing I was MOST excited about. 

I took an old tomato cage, wrapped some garland I already owned and some lights I got last year and slapped a bow on the top. 

It didn't cost me anything because I already owned it all!

budget friendly christmas decor.jpg

SO you can see I was able to really spruce up our home for Christmas while spending next to nothing! 

So what are some ways you have decorated your home on a budget this season? 

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