Facing your debt: Determining who you owe money

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It's sort of an embarrassing thing to admit that you don't know who you owe money to. But I once fell so far down the rabbit hole I didn't know who I owed money to. 

Trust me, that was a hard sentence to type. It was an even harder reality to live. 

If you're there now I want you to take a deep breath. You can fix this. It's not too late. Once you realize the mess you're in, it's important to take the steps to clean up that mess. 

Here is how I handled the situation, okay, get ready to have your mind blown... I pulled my credit report. I know. Major revelations happening here. I used a free service called CreditSesame.com. 

(Full disclosure: Credit Sesame recently sponsored a video on my YouTube channel, but this post is not underwritten.)

But, I was able to see who I owed money to and I made a plan based on that. I listed my debt smallest to largest and I started paying them off. It wasn't fun and it wasn't always easy but it also wasn't complicated.

Debt is a mess. And when we get into a mess it can feel really overwhelming. So overwhelming that even a simple answer feels complicated. But it's not. You just have to be willing to face the mess head on and take control. 

Yes, it will be hard at times. And no, it won't happen overnight. Chances are you didn't get into debt all at once, so it will take you more than a few months to get out of it. Start fighting back. 

Your assignment: Decide to face the debt head on. Pull your credit report or credit card bills and see who you owe money to.