Overcome your overwhelm project #6: It's time to clean your car... yikes

Good morning! Who is ready to overcome that overwhelm? For a recap on why I started this challenge head here. 

Ready to conquer your clutter with me (boy do I need the accountability!!)? Ready to rock your time and manage your checkbook? Okay. Let's go. 

Cleaning challenge: 

My car is affectionally known as the dirty diaper. I wish I could say it's because I have kids... but it's not. I'm just a slob. And it's rubbed off on my kids. 

So today I am taking a garbage bag and cleaning out my car. If I don't report back, send help. Bonus points if you choose to vacuum it out and get it really, good and clean. 

Money challenge: 

Set a savings goal for the week. 

Your biggest savings asset is your income. I know that sounds super obvious. But sometimes you need to hear that. So each week (if you get paid weekly) set aside a little bit of money from each paycheck to go into savings. If you get paid monthly do the same thing. But determine how much you want to save each month and commit to it. Even if it's only $5. 

Time challenge:

Do you remember that list of things I had you make the first day? I told you to write down five things you've put off doing because you don't have time. Well, let's make time. 

Take 15 minutes, just 15 minutes, and commit to starting one thing on that list. I can hear you through the screen telling me that 15 isn't enough time. Sure it is. You won't complete the task, but you can at least get started.  

It's amazing what you can accomplish in 15 minutes a day if you just commit the time to do it. 

If you do any of these things I want to know. Snap a photo and use #overcomeyouroverwhelm. 

I will be on Facebook and Instagram sharing my progress.