Overcome your overwhelm project #7: conquer those flat surfaces

Good morning! Who is ready to overcome that overwhelm? For a recap on why I started this challenge head here. 

Ready to conquer your clutter with me (boy do I need the accountability!!)? Ready to rock your time and manage your checkbook? Okay. Let's go. 

Cleaning challenge: 

Let's conquer those flat surfaces that are driving us nuts. For me it's pretty much every flat surface in my house. Junk just gets there! 

So today let's set a timer for 15 minutes and pick some flat surface zones that are driving us nuts. Maybe it's your dresser, or your nightstand, or your dining table. Maybe it's all three!

Let's break it down in a few steps. 

1. Purge anything you don't want or need. 

2. Find a home for things that keep ending up on top of that flat surface. (For example, my husband had socks on top of his dresser that easily went in the sock drawer. I know. Life changing stuff over here.) 

3. Address your bad habits. Do you leave stuff lying around when you could easily just put it back in its home? I do. Me. That's me. Where is the hand raised emoji? 

4. Commit to it daily. The thing about flat surface clutter is that it just keeps coming back unless you daily decide to put it away. This is something I have been doing in my kitchen and I love waking up to clutter free counter tops. So I just commit to 2-3 minutes daily to put things back where they belong. 

So I clearly have some habits to change. What about you? 

Money challenge: 

You might think your budget is tight, but believe me there is usually something that can be cut.

Of course you already know things able, subscription services, and movies or even paying for rentals but look even further than that. 

When it came to saving money we quit using paper towels, we were less wasteful of food and utilities and we limited our driving to save on gas. 

I started meal planning and learned to stretch leftovers and other ingredients. Look at some areas you could tighten up your spending a little. 

Time challenge:

Turn off your notifications! Are you looking at your phone every time it rings, dings or buzzes? Turn off those annoying notifications. You don't need one for every time someone goes live on Facebook. You don't need one every time you get an email from Bath and Body Works telling you about a coupon. Turn them off so you can focus and be less distracted. 

If you do any of these things I want to know. Snap a photo and use #overcomeyouroverwhelm. 

I will be on Facebook and Instagram sharing my progress.