Overcome your overwhelm project #3: the great shoe purge!

Good morning! Who is ready to overcome that overwhelm? For a recap on why I started this challenge head here. 

Ready to conquer your clutter with me (boy do I need the accountability!!)? Ready to rock your time and manage your checkbook? Okay. Let's go. 

Cleaning challenge: 

I've long prided myself on not being a shoe hoarder. However, I realized lately that that is not exactly true. 

I have several pairs of shoes that I don't like, that don't fit me very well, that squeeze my feet, and it's time to get rid of them. Why hang onto old shoes just because they might go with an outfit or two?

So today I'm going through my shoes and donating pairs that I don't love or that don't fit me the way that I would like them to. Life is too short to have uncomfortable feet. 

 And honestly how many pairs of shoes do we actually need? I mean we can only wear one pair at a time right?

So that's my challenge for today, take some time to go through your shoes and throw out (or donate, please donate) the pairs that you just don't love.

And don't let guilt be the reason that you hold onto things. Yes you may have paid a lot of money for them, yes they may have been a gift from someone but if you're not wearing them and they're just taking up space in your home then it's time to donate them to someone who can use them.

Money challenge: 

Are you working on paying down debt? Have you really faced your debt situation? 

I know that sometimes it can seem overwhelming or scary like this monster hidden in the dark but it's really time to face the dead beast. 

Sit down and write down every single company, credit card, student loan that you owe money to or still paying on. And then total it up. Yes, it may be a huge number. Yes, it may be scary and overwhelming, but it will bring a sanity like a no other to your financial situation.

When the water is murky and you can't see the bottom of it, that's when chaos forms. But when you have a clear and defined picture of what it is you're dealing with it makes all the difference in the world. 

Ignoring the situation is going to make it go away. Pretending it's not there isn't going to make it go away. The only way to fix it is to face it, so take some time to get out a piece of notebook paper and write down every single bit of that you have.

Time challenge:

Yesterday I suggested that instead of reaching for your phone when there was a wall and your time spend it doing something productive. 

Today I'm going to challenge you to delete one social media app from your phone. Maybe it's Facebook maybe it's Instagram I don't know whatever it is that is taking up the bulk of your time when you could be using that time to do something else deleted off your phone.

I love social media, I'm not telling you to ignore it completely I'm not telling you to log off forever.  I'm simply saying remove the temptation to use it on a daily or even (let's admit it) hourly basis.

Choose one social media and remove that app from your phone.

If you do any of these things I want to know. Snap a photo and use #overcomeyouroverwhelm. 

I will be on Facebook and Instagram sharing my progress.