Overcome your overwhelm project #2

Good morning! Who is ready to overcome that overwhelm? For a recap on why I started this challenge head here. 

Ready to conquer your clutter with me (boy do I need the accountability!!)? Ready to rock your time and manage your checkbook? Okay. Let's go. 

Clutter challenge:

Let's clear our counter tops. I don't know about you, but having a cleared off counter space makes my whole house feel cleaner. 

Set the timer and clean off the counter. Find homes for things out of place and throw out or donate the things you don't need or want. 

Decide what really needs to live on the counter and what can go in a cabinet. 

Money Challenge: 

Find your budget leaks.

If you're bringing home a steady paycheck, but you're finding yourself with more month than money, it's easy to ask: Where is my money going? 

If you've been asking yourself where all your money is going - pull out your bank statement and see where you wasted your money  

Here are some steps you can take. 

Time Challenge:

Don't reach for your phone today. If you have a lull in your day use it to do something productive like returning phone calls, making a grocery list, reading or going for quick walk. 

If you do any of these things I want to know. Snap a photo and use #overcomeyouroverwhelm. 

I will be on Facebook and Instagram sharing my progress.