3 ingredient no-cook blueberry jam

I didn't even notice the blueberry bushes when we bought our house. I was just happy with a laundry room inside the house, the two bathrooms and covered carport. Basically everything I wanted in a house. 

It wasn't until closing when something was said about those blueberry bushes that I was even aware of their existence. (Nope, no one will ever accuse me of great attention to detail.) 

But now that summer is drawing to a close we have had a BOOM of blueberries. And it's been heavenly. 

Last week I decided to turn some of those blueberries into jam. However, let me share a secret with you. I hate canning. Let me repeat: I. HATE. CANNING. 

Inevitably the cans won't seal or one of them shatters in the canner. Or it takes four rounds in the canner and two hours. I just can't... 

However, I do own a freezer. So I whipped up a big batch of freezer jam. No canning. No cooking. This stuff is amazing!

What you'll need: 

6 cups fresh blueberries

3 cups sugar

One box pectin. This is the brand I use and love. 

In a bowl mix together your sugar and pectin. 

Wash your blueberries and make sure they are free of stems and leaves. Place your blueberries in our food processor and pulse until they are in pieces. Add your sugar/pectin a little bit at a time and pulse until smooth.

Ladle into jars allowing for about 1/2 inch in head space for expansion and seal. This produced four 12-ounce jars. I placed them all in the fridge to assure the jam set.

Then I kept one out for use and stored the other three in the freezer. You can keep it in your freezer for six months and in your fridge for about two months. 

What about you? Do you can or make your own jam? 

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