Easy homemade baby food recipes

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Issie has at such a fun age. He is trying to walk, he laughs at everything and he is having a great time trying new foods. 

Issie trying to walk through the yard 3 14.JPG

Seriously- look at those fat little short legs! 

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A few months back I won a Baby Bullet (disclosure policy) from the awesome, awesome, awesome ladies of What's Up Mom's

I made baby food when Ry was a baby, but I used just my ordinary blender, which was hard to clean and had a lot of parts. But this baby bullet- man, it's a game changers. 

Issie eating homemade spinach and apples babyfood.JPG

So Issie and I thought we would share some of our favorite baby food recipes. 

1. Bananas and Homemade Yogurt - I used one ripe banana and a half cup of yogurt. You can find my homemade yogurt recipe here, but store bought yogurt is perfect as well. 

I just put it all in the blender and blend until smooth. It's usually pretty liquidy so I either pour it in a sippy cup or thicken it with baby oatmeal. 

2. Spinach and apple sauce. Issie loves homemade apple sauce, he would eat apple sauce all day if I let him. But I do worry he isn't getting enough iron since he is still breastfed. So I throw some spinach in there with the apple sauce and he is good to go. He loves it. (That's what he is eating in the photo up there!) 

baby green smoothie.jpg

3. Green baby smoothie. This sort of combines the two recipes above.

I use one ripe banana, a handful of fresh spinach, some yogurt and a little breast milk or formula. I throw it all in the blender. 

If your child has lactose sensitivity and you don't want to use yogurt you can omit the yogurt completely an use a frozen banana and dilute it with a little water. You could also use coconut milk, almond milk or soy milk. And there is also kefir, which is lactose free.

4. Quinoa and blueberries. Okay, I know this sounds strange, but I promise babies love it. I use a cup prepared organic quinoa and some frozen organic blueberries, steamed. 

Then I combine them in the bullet with a little breast milk. 

I actually saw some quinoa and blueberry pouches at my local Target for $1.50 each. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? That's highway robbery. 


I purchased some of these BooginHead pouches from Amazon and I reused them over and over. (Affiliate link, here is my disclosure policy.)

Have you made your own baby food? It's so easy and will save you so much money!