My top read money posts from the past year

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Today I wanted to share the most read posts over the past year on this blog. (Note: some of them are older.)

If you're wanting to get started on the right track with your budget this year these posts might help you. 

1. How are family cut $10,000 from our budget. 

How we save thousands, literally, each year. It really is the little things that add up over time. 

2. 50 things to purge TODAY. 

Are you looking to reclaim your space? Here are 50 things you can toss, donate or sell today. 

3. How to stop living paycheck to paycheck.

This post is very personal. It's part of our journey to getting out of debt and staying there. 

4. 7 thrift store finds you can flip

Are you a thrift store shopper? I am! I love the stuff I buy and then when I'm done I flip it. Here are more details. 

5. 16 money mistakes to stop making today!

Not putting money in retirement? Not balancing your checkbook? Here's a little encouragement to get back on track. 

6. Habits of HIGHLY frugal people

You've heard it before, if you want to be successful do what successful people do. And it makes sense. It's why we read business books, or attend conferences or listen to podcasts.

So why wouldn't we apply the same to our frugal lives? Of course, you have to choose things that work for you in your family in your situation. Nothing is ever really one size fits all. But these tips are a great jumping off point.

7. Crazy sock exchange

 am always stumped at what to get my nieces and nephews. I know kid's interests change a lot and something they might love today might not be something they like tomorrow. 

So last year my sister came up with a great idea. We can do a sock exchange. My sister saw the idea on Pinterest. She thought the idea would translate great for kids

8. Can you pay off debt while living on one income? 

It's the dream, right? To be debt free. To be at peace with your bank account and to not worry when the next emergency will turn into a crisis. But can you do it on one income? Yes. Yes you can.