When Christmas hurts + Blog Changes for the new year

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I wanted to take a minute and wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I hope it’s one of rest and hope for you. But I also wanted to reach out to those of you who may feel lost this year.

Maybe you’re struggling financially or with your marriage. Maybe there is an empty stocking for a loved one who is no longer here. Maybe you’re arms are empty this season as you wait for a baby. 

You’re not forgotten. It’s hard to face a time that should be joyful when your heart is broken. But you’re not alone. Prayers of peace and prosperity for you on this Christmas.

I am taking a break until 2018. Thanks for coming and hanging out with me this year. Now that my baby is a little older I am going back to my 3x a week blogging schedule. 

Here is what you can expect. 

Monday: Money Monday

Wednesday: Life hacks and tips

Friday: Home life (working, schooling and living)

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