From my readers: Free family fun

I couple weeks ago I asked all of you on my Facebook page what were some of your favorite free (or nearly free) things to do as a family. You guys are just so nice to play along with me. 

So today I have a list of ways YOU guys spend meaningful time as a family without spending money. And some of them were just so sweet. 

  • In the spring and fall time, we like going to new parks around our community with a picnic lunch or supper.
  • When my kids were smaller they would be entertained for hours with forts in the living room or a beach party in the bath tub while wearing their swim suits and using beach towels.
  • On long winter weeks that we can't get outside we would head to McDonald's playplace~ I would buy a dollar drink and they could play for about 2 hours between breakfast and lunch! While it's not free it is still the best $1 spent some weeks!
  • Taking sweet pea to the park on warm days and watching her run around, and also, daddy trying to go down the slide.
  • On cold days, watch sweet peas favorite movies, get on the floor and play, read books, cuddle, and prepare dinner together as a family.
  • On days where we have to stay indoors ( rain, too cold or whatever ) we get pillows and blankets and all cuddle on the couch watching movies on Netflix and eating popcorn.
  • Our sons are 11 and 12 so daily hugs and kisses like when they are young are not as frequent so I cherish these moments.
  • We like going to parks, walking downtown, watch the stars in the summer time. Cuddles on the couch with movie and popcorn, playing games and play in the snow in the winter.
  • We love to pack a lunch and visit the air museum near us (3 miles) it is free, they do take donations. I make a point at tax time donate.
  • We love our library and local parks we really use them a lot.
  • The beach; going to the park to feed the ducks; playing in the splash pad in the summer.
  • Play Uno or just cuddle with the little guy.
  • Board games, movies & hiking. 

Let's expand this list. What would you add?