5 time managements tips for work at home moms

It's Work at Home Wednesday and today I am answering a question from on of you!

Any tips on time management when working from home? I have a day job but also have a small home business and the time management for the small business gets away from me since there is so much else to do at home! - Sara

Wow, Sara. You sound so busy. But here are 5 tips for setting up time management success.

1. Make a to do list the night before.

I actually make two to do lists, a work list and a home list. I prioritize these lists based on the MOST important things that need to get done the next day.

Doing this the night before and not in the morning really helps me sleep better. Everything is written down, prioritized and ready to go. So I am not lying in bed wondering what needs to be done the next day.

2. Develop a good nighttime routine.

Have things set up for your morning. Have the coffee premade so all you have to do is hit the button your coffee maker. Lay out your clothes and your kid's clothes. Pack lunches, set out the things you will need for your work. Clean your work space and have your kitchen clean.

This really sets the tone for the morning and reduces stress and frees up time.

3. Develop a good morning routine.

Unload your dish washer, throw on a load of laundry and then get to work. A good morning routine sets the tone for the day and reduces stress so you can stay focused.

4. Don't over pack your schedule.

Just this week I had to let a client know I couldn't take on a last minute project. I didn't have time to dedicate to doing it correctly. So don't give into the temptation of taking every job every client offers you. You just can't devote the proper amount of time to everything. 

If you can't devote the time to do it well don't do it all.

5. Set a timer and work.

Don't think about the 8 million other things that need to be done. There is ALWAYS something else that will need to be done and you just don't have the mental bandwidth or physical time to do it all.

Set a timer for 15, 30, 60 minutes, whatever time you have. Then work. Don't think about the unfolded laundry, the cupcakes that need to be baked for the party. Any of it. Try to focus on your work, fully focused. If you're only 1/2 focused on your job and 1/2 focused on your home then 0% will get completed.

What about you? What tips would you offer?