How to stop impulse spending. Four questions to ask before making a purchase

Have you ever found yourself in Target with a cart full of throw pillows and cardigan sweaters? Nope, me neither... 

Sometimes our emotions and impulses get the better of us when making purchases. That's why it's important to ask yourself a few questions first. 

You see, in order for us to get out of debt, it took some behavior changes. I had to really become intentional in my spending. That was difficult for me. If that's not something you struggle with, great. But for many, it is. 

So I have four questions I ask myself before I make a purchase.

1. Do I really need this?

That's a fair question. Do I really need what I am buying, or do I just think I need it? Is it a want? And what is driving that want? Is it emotional? If it's not a need, or something I have wanted for more than six months and it's at an extraordinary price and I have the extra cash to pay for it... it goes back on the shelf. 

2. Do I have something else that will serve the same function?

What is that old saying "use it up..."Do I have something I could "make it do?" Do I really need another t-shirt? Cardigan? Coffee mug? 

3. Where am I going to put it?

This is a big one for me. I have declared war on clutter in my house. So before I purchase something I have started to ask where I will put it. And now when I bring something into my house, it usually means something else is LEAVING!

4. Can I get it for a better price elsewhere?

I have gotten in the habit of looking either on Amazon or Craigslist before making a purchase. This has proven to be smart. A few years ago I bought Ryals a new booster seat. I found one on Amazon for $30. Then I looked on Craigslist and found almost the exact same one for a third of the price. 

What are some ways you curb your spending? Leave me a comment telling me! I love to hear from you.