Spicy Veggie Loaded Buffalo Chicken Burrito

Have you ever looked in your fridge, realized you had some pretty random ingredients and attempted to turn that into a meal? 

I feel like this can go one of two ways. It can turn out TERRIBLE or it can turn out to be the most delicious thing you've ever made. (Total hyperbole, but you see where I am going with this??)

A couple weeks ago I did just that. I threw everything in our fridge into a pan and called it dinner and you know what? It was fantastic. It turned out to be the Spicy, Veggie Loaded Buffalo Chicken Burrito.  

In fact I have made this twice in the past two weeks and my husband loves it. The best part is your slow cooker will do the majority of the heavy lifting in this recipe. 

It's great because it's spicy, creamy and healthy (for the most part). 

What you'll need: 

Your slow cooker

Food processor

pan or skillet

4 chicken tenderloins or one large chicken breast

1/2 bottle buffalo sauce

4-6 carrots

three bell peppers, green, yellow and red

1 onion


coconut oil

a little blue cheese

Place your chicken in your slow cooker with most of your buffalo sauce (reserve some for later). Put your slow cooker on low for four hours. 

After your chicken has cooked then shred it. 

Heat some coconut oil in your pan. I used my cast iron skillet. 

I diced my onion and my red and green bell pepper and threw them in the pan to sauté. 

While that was cooking I put my carrot and yellow bell pepper in the food processor and let it do it's work. Once the vegetables were shredded I switched the processor over to its puree function and processed the vegetables until they were a little finer. 

Then I threw them in the pan with the bell pepper and onions. I let everything sauté for about 10 minutes and then I transferred the shredded chicken to the pan, poured over the remaining sauce and let simmer for about 10 more minutes. 

I place a little blue cheese on the tortillas, scooped on the chicken and vegetable mixture and served.

If you're not a fan of blue cheese you can omit this or replace with a little ranch dressing or sour cream. 

I assure you these burritos are amazing. 

What about you? What meals have you just thrown together that turned out to be a success?