Cooking beans in the slow cooker without soaking- the no soak method

It is no secret that beans are a frugal pantry staple. They are loaded  with protein and fiber. And it's no secret that dry beans are far cheaper than canned beans. Not to mention healthier. 

But if you're busy the last thing you have time for is an extra step in the cooking process, or multiple steps like soaking, boiling and cooking. 

So today I wanted to share with you how I cook dry beans in my slow cooker without presoaking them. This requires minimal effort and little hands on time. So it's a busy mama's DREAM!

What you will need:

A slow cooker



1. Start by giving your beans a once over to make sure there are no rocks in the bag. I am not kidding, there are small pebbles in there sometimes. 

2. Dump your beans in your slow cooker. 

3. Cover with water, you will want 1-2 inches of water on top of the beans. I used about four cups for a 1 lb bag of beans. 

4. Season your beans. I added a little salt, garlic powder and paprika to mine. 

5. Cover your slower cooker and cook on low for 6 hours. 

You might one want to stir them at some point but really, they will be fine if you don't. 

6. When your 6 hours is up check the beans to make sure they are fully cooked. Then let them cook before transferring to containers for storing or freezing. 

You can use plastic ziplock bags or other containers. I used Mason jars as they freeze well and you can portion them out easily. 

Some of my favorite bean recipes: 

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What about you? What is your method for cooking beans? 

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