Amazon saving "secrets" to saving the most money

I love Amazon. I love any place where I can do the bulk of my shopping and not have to interact with people or put on pants. 

But beyond that, I love the savings. I have learned a few "tricks" that have helped my save even more money on Amazon and I thought I would share them today. 

1. Looking for the lowest price on an item? Check out This third-party website allows you to track the lowest price. Simply put in the url of the product you are tracking, enter in a desired price and Camel will email you when that item nears your price point. 

2. Choose open boxes. Amazon Warehouse or Open Box allows you to purchase new items for a fraction of the cost. Everything from TV's to standing mixers! When someone purcahses something from Amazon, opens the box and then decides to return it, Amazon can't sell it "new." But you reap the rewards at a deep discount.
3. Clip coupons! Did you know that Amazon has an array of coupons? Including for things like diapers?? Just go up to the section that says "Today's Deals." Then click on "coupons" to find savings on HUNDREDS of items.
4. Go to the outlet! Okay, so there isn't an outlet mall, but Amazon does have Amazon Outlet you can closeout deals on everyday items including SNACKS and food items!

5. Choose filler items to get free shipping! If you're not an Amazon Prime member and you don't get 2-day shipping built in to your subscription, you will have to meet the $35 threshold to get free shipping. And often, you come up a few dollars short. Websites like or allow you to search for items at a low price point to fit your filler needs. 

6. Tell them a lower price! Okay. So this isn't really price matching, because Amazon doesn't price match. But sometimes if you use the "tell us about a lower price" tab near the bottom of the page your searching, they will lower the price. 

Simply tell them where you saw a lower price, on line one in a store, and wait a few days. Come back and see if that price has been lowered. 

7. Use a different browser. This has never worked for me. Ever. But I have heard from a few people who say it does work. If you search for an item in a second browser you're not currently using you will find a lower price. 

Sign into your account as you normally would in one browser, say Safari. Then open Firefox, clear your search history and cookies and search for the same item while NOT logged into your Amazon account. Sometimes that price may be lower. 

AGAIN, this has never worked for me. 

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What about you? How do you save money on Amazon?