How I get Redbox movies for free (and you can too!)

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We love the Redbox at our house. And last year of the 30 plus movies we rented from Redbox, we paid for one and that's because I forgot to return it on time!! Today I wanted to talk to you about how I get (most) of my Redbox movies for free. 

I love movies. Don't you? I always have. Next to books they are my go to for entertainment. But going to the movies can be really expensive with tickets around $10 plus we have to get a babysitter and the whole nine yards. 

Redbox is a great value at $1.50 and I honestly don't mind paying for it. But why, when I can get it for free? 

So here are a few ways I did it. (Some most of these will require the use of a smart phone.) 

Text a deal: 

Text the word DEAL, MOVIENIGHT, MOVIE TIME or SHOPPERS or to 727272 and in turn you will get a code for a free one-night rental. You can also use these codes to get $1.20 off a game or Blue-ray. 

Reserve online: 

You can get a free code the first time you reserve online. This is just the best way to get Redbox movies to begin with. This is the ONLY way I will get movies. I really cannot stand to stand at the Redbox behind an indecisive person on a Friday night. 

In fact, I have been know to politely ask if I can pick up my movie while they think some more. I even tell them how to sign up for free codes or share a free code that I already have with them. 

Use the Redbox App:

If you download the Redbox app and then use the text the code APPNOW to 727272 you can get one free movie rental when you reserve a DVD through the app. 

Join the Club:

You can sign up for the Redbox Play Pass, this is a point system that allows you to earn free rentals by giving you points each time you rent a movie. When you sign up you will get one free rental. Also, free rentals will still earn you points. So you just get more free rentals. 

Sign up for Email:

If you sign up for their email newsletter you will get one free DVD rental. 

Also, if you text the word EMAIL to 727272 you and then sign up for their email alerts you will get a free code. 

In both of these cases you MUST confirm your email address before getting a code. I recommend using a separate email address for these, much like I do when signing up for coupons. 

Be Social:

Redbox posts lots of free codes on their social media sites particularly Instagram

Don't ignore BOGO deals: 

I have a friend who told me she only gets texts for BOGO (buy one get one) deals. Don't worry. If you use a BOGO code and only rent one movie, that movie will be free, usually. Of course this policy is subject to change at any given moment. 

Understand that these rules are subject to change at any time. Also you can follow Five4Five Meals on Facebook where I also post Redbox deals as I find them. 

What about you? What are your tips for finding great free entertainment?