Decorating on a small budget

Today is the second episode of the Frugal Debt Free Life Podcast

I have been working on this for what feels like forever and I am so glad to FINALLY bring it to you. 

The show is all about Living a Limitless Life on a Limited Budget. That is the mission statement, purpose, goal... 

The show will be bi-monthly for now and in the new year we will move to a once a week format. 

Today we will be talking to my friend Amanda of Cultivate Create an incredible blog where Amanda talks abou her amazing budget-friendly decorating. 

Amanda is EXTREMELY talented. She created the new header on my blog. 

Here are some of my favorite posts she has written. It was HARD to narrow down because Amanda is so talented. She is also kind and funny. 

Polka Dot Focal wall. 

Gallery wall and church pew. 

Black and white striped curtains. 

You can listen HERE and later I will update with the Stitcher link.