Purge pile

This is this week's purge pile. I say this week's because last week there was another one.

My little family is moving... again. But, but, but you just got here!

I know. But we are looking for another house to fit our needs in the same area.

Bottom line, Mama isn't moving all this stuff again. So I am implementing my love it or lose it policy. If I don't absolutely love something in my closet I am getting rid of it.

If I don't like the way it looks, feels or hangs on me I am getting rid of it. If it is too big, it goes. If it is too small - it goes. If it makes me look like a shlumdinka, it's out of here.

I recently read this post from one of my favorite blogs, Simple Organized Living. She goes in to detail about what should NOT be in your closet. And guess what? I had all of those things in mine. So, I've implemented some of these things in my life. If I bring stuff in to my home, that means I have to get rid of some things.

For me, I have decided that I can't hang on to clothes that no longer fit because I am sentimental. The bonus is, I can also bless someone else with my clothes I no longer wear. 

I am a plus size girl. Plus size clothes are costly and if I can give my good outfits, I no longer wear, to someone who can benefit from them and feel fabulous when she slips on a pair of super cute trouse jeans then I am blessed too.

But at the same time I recognize that I hand onto things other people might not, like my 7 black cardigan sweaters. Why do I have so many of them? Because I love them and I wear them. If I didn't wear all of them there would be no point in getting rid of them.

So I challenge you all this week to grab a garbage bag and get to purging. It will make you feel so much better.

Put a hurtin' on the dirt - not the people

As I mentioned before I am trying to use fewer chemicals to clean my house. (**Snickers at the idea that I actually clean my house.)

Okay, okay. On the occasion I get a hankering to clean I don't want to use anything that could hurt my baby.

I have made all kinds of things from safe products like baking soda and dish soap. I have made washing machine soap, all-purpose spray, a tile cleaner and now this, an all-purpose wipe for a quick clean up on a busy day.

What you'll need:

1 tbsp Castile soap

4 tbsp baking soda Baking soda

1 cup Warm water

A roll of paper towels cut in half

An old plastic container- I used one that used to contain disposable wipes.

First I had to cut the paper towel in half using a serrated knife and remove the cardboard roll. This was hilarious.

Next, pour your warm water, castile soap and baking soda into your plastic container and shake to mix. Then drop your paper towels into the container and shake again. Then pull one paper towel through the center of the roll. This will make it easier to grab a wipe in a pinch.

Viola. A super cleaner that lets you put a hutin' on the dirt, not the people you love.