How I don't organize anything...

I do not have an organizational bone in my body. In December when it came time to move from Northwest Georgia to South Alabama I moved several garbage bags of dirty clothes and a basket of mismatched socks.

I am many things. I am good at many things. But organized is not one of them.

I terrible at crafts, I don't know how to sew and I am not organized. Although I would love to be all those things.

So I have decided that if I am going to run a house, a baby and a business I should probably get myself into some sort of organizational routine. I am starting in the front of my house and working my way forward.

A few days ago I took five minutes to organize my our entryway.

This was what it looked like. My husband's shoes were everywhere! Which resulted in a lot of yelling on my part.

SO I took an old book shelf and organized that a little bit. Oh and I made ugly curtains.

It's a start.

Purge pile

This is this week's purge pile. I say this week's because last week there was another one.

My little family is moving... again. But, but, but you just got here!

I know. But we are looking for another house to fit our needs in the same area.

Bottom line, Mama isn't moving all this stuff again. So I am implementing my love it or lose it policy. If I don't absolutely love something in my closet I am getting rid of it.

If I don't like the way it looks, feels or hangs on me I am getting rid of it. If it is too big, it goes. If it is too small - it goes. If it makes me look like a shlumdinka, it's out of here.

I recently read this post from one of my favorite blogs, Simple Organized Living. She goes in to detail about what should NOT be in your closet. And guess what? I had all of those things in mine. So, I've implemented some of these things in my life. If I bring stuff in to my home, that means I have to get rid of some things.

For me, I have decided that I can't hang on to clothes that no longer fit because I am sentimental. The bonus is, I can also bless someone else with my clothes I no longer wear. 

I am a plus size girl. Plus size clothes are costly and if I can give my good outfits, I no longer wear, to someone who can benefit from them and feel fabulous when she slips on a pair of super cute trouse jeans then I am blessed too.

But at the same time I recognize that I hand onto things other people might not, like my 7 black cardigan sweaters. Why do I have so many of them? Because I love them and I wear them. If I didn't wear all of them there would be no point in getting rid of them.

So I challenge you all this week to grab a garbage bag and get to purging. It will make you feel so much better.