Five Meals Kids LOVE

Meals kids love.jpg

I have to say that my little Ry isn't a picky eater. He has always been an eating champ. The kid still loves brocoli. Loves it. Can't get enough of the stuff. 

But, as he has gotten older he has gotten a little more "perticular." Yeah, that's a good word, perticular. For example he will not, under any circumstances, eat mac and cheese that is not homemade. He won't even eat it from the deli. 

However, I have come up with some home cooked meals he loves. I thought I would share some of his favorite meals. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Baked OatMeal 10.jpg

This contains oatmeal, bananas, and chocolate chips. It is yummy and little ones LOVE it. 

Egg in the basket.jpg

This is so simple. A little bread, an egg and maybe some cheese and you have a great breakfast. 

Mini BBQ Chicken Pizza.jpg

This little gem is by far the easiest thing you will ever make. It's a biscuit and some meat and a little sauce. 

Dinner in 20 tortellini .jpg

I love this recipe. This is our go to when we are bone tired and have no energy to cook. And my son loves it. I told my friend, Heather, about this and she made it for her son and he asked for seconds. 

Pork chop cover.jpg

This is a pork chop, some crackers and a few minutes in the oven. Pair with some vegetables and you got a meal!

What are some of your favorite kid-friendly meals?  

 I'm hoppin at the baby shower today!