Almond Crusted Tilapia

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I love fish. And the summer is just the perfect time to eat fish, right? It's too hot to really cook and it's too hot to eat a heavy meal. So what is light and filling and healthy and easy to cook? Fish!

I love tilapia, which has really grown in popularity recently because of it's reasonable price. It's the fish I use in my tacos

Saturday night I wanted some fish, but I didn't feel like turning on my oven. So I decided to whip this up and it turned out great!

What you'll need:

Four tilapia filets

1 cup roasted almonds

1/2 cup parmesan cheese

1/4 cup flax seed (optional)

One egg

Cooking spray or EVOO or butter


Throw your almonds, cheese and flax seed (if you're using it) in the food processor. 

Preheat your skillet to a medium-low heat. If your burner has numbers put it on number 4. 

Next beat your egg and dredge your fish through it. Then press your fish into the almond mixture. 

Then place your fish in the pan and sear it on both sides for 3 three minutes each side. It's important to make sure the fish is thoroughly cooked before you flip it or it will fall apart. 



This would be perfect with a quinoa salad or roast vegetables or both!